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How to choose a tagline for your business?

While an organization tag line or slogan and the brand must be intricately intertwined, to characterize the brand regarding the slogan is to sell the likely force. It seems like the distinction between strategy and execution.

Think of the company brand as more of an overall concept. It encompasses the company’s attributes, characteristics and values. It can be expressed in many forms, including a name, symbol, logo and tag line. When put to its optimum use, it is both a potent competitive weapon and an internal unifying force. A slogan is just a sentence or expression that summarizes the brand’s tone and assumption. It is one of the manners in which the brand idea is conveyed yet it isn’t the brand. For it to be powerful, it should be vital and address the brand precisely both in indication and undertone. A tagline is typically brief and “punchy”. It is essentially squeezing the brand concept into a memorable marketing package.

Below is a list of  11 of some of the most effective tag lines of the last few decades. I think you will see that while these are very impactful and memorable, they are not the same as the brand concept.

For example, the tag line Got Milk derives from the understanding that while consumers may not choose milk as one of their beverages of choice, there are certain foods with which no other beverage but milk will work as well. Warm chocolate chip cookies and a soda anyone?

In the case of Just Do It., Nike has developed a call to action tag line inviting you to participate in a more active lifestyle in support of a brand that provides apparel and equipment to enhance the appearance, feeling and performance of the recreational and professional athlete.

As you define or refine your brand-start with defining the brand concept. Who is your company, what are you promising that your competition either has not or can not promise (your O.P.O.) and to whom? Once that is accomplished, marketing communication such as tag lines and execution of other materials becomes much easier and more focused. If you know more information about Tag line strategy clicks here…

Some Memorable Tag Lines


Got Milk?                                                         California Milk Processor Board


Don’t Leave Home Without It.                        American Express


Just Do It.                                                            Nike


Life’s Good                                                           LG


Taste the feeling                                                  Coca Cola


I’m lovin’ it                                                           McDonald’s


The taste of India                                                   Amul


Boost is the secret of our energy                           Boost


Have It Your Way.                                                   Burger King


Have a break, have a KitKat                                   Kit-Kat


Good Food. Good Life                                             Nestle

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