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3 Common Graphic Design Mistakes

Graphic design is one of those areas where it is important to be careful if you want to convey the right message. Making a simple mistake can carry a lot of problems. If you are planning on working on a new design project, it would be a good idea to avoid these mistakes.

Using Too Many Fonts

While there is nothing wrong with using two fonts to distinguish between basic and important information, it is best if you don’t use any more than that. You may think that this is a great way to highlight several messages, but it will confuse the viewer and make things look quite unpleasant.

Stock Photo Overload

Many designers implement stock photos into their designs and there is nothing wrong with that, but make sure that you don’t use too many. While stock photos can add a certain flair to your page, you don’t want them to take away from the message. Also, there may be a chance that other designers are using the same photos, so don’t make a stock photo your focal point.

Failing To Proofread Your Work

You would be surprised at the number of designers that have grammar and spelling mistakes in their work. This is a great way to show people that you are not very diligent. It does not take very long to look over things, so never forget to do that. Even if you feel like everything is perfect, glance at your work to make sure.

These three tips are some of the most important in the graphic design world. While there are other mistakes designers make, these are quite common. You don’t want a small mistake to lead to big problems with your work, so use the advice here when you create designs in the future. Learn more…

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